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In 2016 I decided to publish a thirtieth anniversary edition of my novel CONDOR AND HUMMINGBIRD, which was first published by Alice Walker's Wild Trees Press in 1986, and in the UK by The Women's Press in 1987.  


For this purpose, and in honor of my beloved nature writer John Burroughs, I began a new imprint, Leaf & Tendril Books, as a home for my past and future writing.  (My two books on John Burroughs were published by Syracuse University Press and are still in print, so I list them separately below.)

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Our newest book has just been published!

THE GIRL WHO TALKED IN ACCENTS is a collection of six stories depicting a young woman's life in the 1950s. Charming and engaging, each story shares a shy girl's spirit of adventure and her love of books and poetry.

Available from the author for US $15.00 and includes free domestic shipping. See contact page for info. Checks and PayPal accepted. Also on Amazon. 

    "Walker's delicate prose, her gentle and compassionate vison, illuminate every page of this novel.  . . .Filled with wisdom and poetry, Walker's tale will become part of your own history."

                                           Merrill Joan Gerber


    "A gorgeously written and succinct novel which deals in intelligent and illuminating ways with issues of dislocation.  Her outsider status sharpens the perceptions of the protatonist, a young American wife and mother who has traveled into the eturbulence of her husband's large family in Colombia. Via anxiety and loneliness, she comes to see her own culture and herself with greater clarity."                                                  Janette Turner Hospital

     This brief illustrated book reflects upon and imagines the lives of my Irish grandmothers within the complexity of Irish life in the 18th and 19th centuries,  as well as my Irish-American grandmother in the early  20th century.  I hope this brief book may also encourage readers to think about the ways their own ancestors have influenced their lives.

           "A delightful read!"  T Project

A father's grand gesture, reflecting back to a young electrician's journey with his family across country, from the early days of electricity, through the Great Depression and World War II, to a time of abundance and celebration.


Two books on the great nineteenth century naturalist, John Burroughs.  Sharp Eyes is a collection of essays by a variety of Burroughs scholars on the influence of Burroughs on American nature writing.  The Art of Seeing Things is an edited thematic collection of some of Burroughs's finest essays.

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