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Ever since the election, like so many others, I have been too shocked and devastated, to continue writing, even though inspired by some beautiful words from Paris Review about how important writing is in this time. But today, on the last day of President Obama's presidency, I at least take some small pride in my novel CONDOR AND HUMMINGBIRD, which explores the idea of political revolution and "small revolutions" on behalf of children and social justice. It takes place in Colombia in 1963, but the issues are much like those of today. In gratitude to President Obama and Senator Bernie Sanders, here is my brief novel on behalf of political revolution and hope. I've greatly lowered the prices of both Kindle and Paperback in hope that more people will want to give it a read. If you have friends who might like to read a story set in Latin America that considers our continuing need for social change-- please tell them about CONDOR AND HUMMINGBIRD. And may we all keep up our strongest resistance and our bravest hopes.

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